Medicare for Veterans

To support the health care needs of over 16 million veterans in the United States, several health insurance programs are available. These include VA benefits, Tricare for Life, and Medicare. Veterans eligible for Medicare and VA or Medicare and Tricare for Life health coverage, may also be eligible for a Medicare Advantage plan designed with them in mind. These Medicare Advantage plans offer benefits that complement existing VA or Tricare for Life benefits.


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services pays private companies to offer Medicare Advantage plans to Medicare beneficiaries, including veterans!

Private insurance companies with Medicare contracts, can offer zero premium plans that provide veterans with additional benefits such as a monthly reduction in the Medicare Part B Premium, preventive and comprehensive dental coverage, Vision benefits, Hearing benefits, Free gym memberships, and Credits to buy over-the-counter products like pain management, cold remedies and vitamins in-store or online for home delivery. In addition to complementary benefits, veterans gain access to a wide network of doctors. This gives our Nation’s heroes options for non-VA treatment at other hospitals and doctor’s offices.

To qualify you must have both Medicare Parts A and B and live in a plan’s service area. For more information, please contact Destinee at (503) 386-4432.